Swissli Muesli 1kg 35% Fruit and Nut

A bit about Muesli

Developed in about 1900 by a nutritional researcher named Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner, muesli comes from Switzerland, the birthplace of Heidi, chocolate and cuckoo clocks. Given that the Swiss are such hearty, enterprising and cheerful people, could it be because they have been enjoying the perfect breakfast for so many years? We firmly believe in the power of muesli. That’s why Swissli products, manufactured in Germany, contain delicious muesli made only of the best quality ingredients. And since the ingredients we select are pure and natural, they naturally taste good. Treat yourself to the good taste and benefits of our delicious blends at lunch, snack time or even for dessert!

muesli 35 percent fruit - swissli

European Made Muesli loaded with Fruit

Your breakfast will never be the same with Swissli Cereal, or your days either, for that matter! Containing 28 g of whole grain and 7 g of protein per serving, this tasty mix of whole rolled oats, toasted wheat, dried fruit and pumpkin seeds will be the secret weapon behind your new-found productivity. These low sodium cereals represent a high source of fibre and a good source of iron, giving you all the energy you need for a healthy start to your day


European Made 

35% Dried Fruit Content

 Non Gmo Grains

1 Kg box size

High Source of Iron

High in Fibre

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